How To Hold Boston Cocktail Shaker

How To Hold Boston Cocktail Shaker?

The Boston shaker is an indispensable accessory to your bar. This will allow you to create the original technique. So your friends will be surprised. This bar accessory allows two actions of mixing and refreshing. It is used to blend ingredients that will create a cocktail masterpiece.

The three-piece cocktail shaker is practically incompatible behind the bar. So the boston shaker is the best bartender’s tool. Learning how to hold boston shaker is a very important art.

Method of holding the shaker

  1. Correct form is critical for using the boston shaker. Add all the necessary ingredients to the glass bottom of the shaker. Invert the mixing glass without causing leakage. This will create a strong seal between the glass and the metal tin.
  2. Shaker’s glass is now on top. Vigorously shake the drink for 10 seconds with both hands.
  3. The harder you shake, the better the drink. Hold the shaker with the right hand. Place two fingers on the glass and the others on the can. You need to control both parts of the shaker. Now hold the cane with the left hand, and point the right fingers upwards and strike the edge of the cane with the open palm. The vacuum should release. If unlocked, tap again.

By properly holding the boston shaker, you can create delicious cocktails.