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    Different Types of Cocktail Shakers

    Cocktail shakers are an indispensable part of the bars. No matter where you go, you will find them in every bar. You must have seen those bartenders juggling these shakers, ever wondered why? Well, you need to try some of their drinks to know better. For now, you should know that they are used for mixing and chilling the cocktails. The application of these cocktail shakers is not just limited to providing entertainment and mixing drinks. The unique way of using these cocktail shakers affects the taste and texture of the drink to a great extent. You cannot enjoy a martini the way it should be without shaking it. Moreover,…

  • How to Use a Martini Shaker
    How To Use

    How to Use a Martini Shaker?

    While a cocktail is a combination drink that contains at least two or more ingredients, of which at least one is alcoholic, a Martini, on the other hand, is also a cocktail but made using three ingredients only, namely, gin, vermouth, and olives for garnish. Moreover, most prefer to stir their Martinis rather than shaking it, to avoid watering of the drink. However, some like their Martinis to be shaken and this they do for no more than ten seconds to impart a different texture. What you need: Before getting into the details, you will need serving glasses, your Martini ingredients, ice, a Cobbler or Boston Martini shaker, and a…

  • How to Use a Cocktail Shaker
    How To Use

    How to Use a Cocktail Shaker?

    Cocktails Taste Best When Shaken! Learn How Watching a bartender in action with his cocktail shaker set is purely theatrical. Even so, many find bartending and owning a top-rated cocktail shaker more than just a craze. People find it to be an art and that the secret behind an effective shaking technique is to uniformly chill the drink by breaking down the ice without diluting the drink with too much water. Shaking also creates tiny air bubbles that impart a frothy and bubbly appearance to the drink, making the texture more palatable. Hence, as a rule of thumb, if your cocktail recipe includes fruit juices, syrups, cream liqueurs, dairy, eggs,…