Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine
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Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

Getting a cocktail right can be tricky and time-consuming, not to mention you dabbling with all the ingredients. And let’s not get into the mind-boggling syrup list that combines to form a single cocktail.

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine for the Home Bar with Push-Button Simplicity and an Easy to Clean Design (55300)
  • INTELLIGENT COCKTAIL CREATION: Create endless craft cocktails in the comfort of home — no need to...
  • MIXOLOGIST-APPROVED DRINKS: Bartesian cocktail machine capsules were created by master mixologists...

Moreover, ordering cocktails back to back from a bar may burn a deep hole in your pocket. We have the perfect solution to this, a robot cocktail machine maker. You can create an endless menu of cocktails with the Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine.

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

This cocktail maker machine is equipped with all the technology and automatic procedure to deliver the best cocktails to you at the press of a button. It is an ideal solution for all the cocktail lovers for their home bar and happy hours at the comfort of home.

The compact cocktail mixer machine can give you up to fifteen different cocktail drinks. That, too, within a few minutes of mixing the blends proportionally. You just need to wait there with your tall glasses to pour in the cocktail.

The Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine is almost the size of a coffee maker and will look great sitting on your countertop. You can adjust the potency of the drinks and the flavor that you need depending upon your mood.

Moreover, you can impress the people you are entertaining at home with the homemade cocktails in the blink of an eye. This premium cocktail shaker will be the talk of the parties and festivities at your home with an open bar home.

Impressive Features of Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

  • The premium cocktail shaker by Bartesian comes in a handy size that is easy to fit in your bar area or kitchen countertops. Its futuristic design makes it look classy and elegant along with its touch panel to give input for the drinks.
  • The electric cocktail shaker works with the pre-mixed cocktail pods that come in recyclable packaging. These pods are recognized by the barcode technology of the automatic cocktail machine.
  • The drink pods have the ingredients that give a perfectly balanced blend of cocktails retaining the freshness. These drinks are balanced with sweet, bitter, and sour ingredients that are approved by mixologists to bring the bar to your home.
  • You can be assured the barcode technology is capable of delivering premium liquor blends at the click of a button.
  • This cocktail machine really makes it convenient for you to enjoy cocktails without getting into the technical know-how of the mixology. With this automatic cocktail machine, you do not need to measure or add any ingredients.
  • You just insert in the cocktail capsule of your choice and let the Bartesian machine do its work. The drinks can be customized according to your taste by selecting the strength from light to strong.
  • Create endless craft cocktails in the comfort of home — no need to measure or pour. Just insert a cocktail capsule into your Bartesian cocktail machine, select your preferred strength and press mix.
  • The machine draws the alcohol from the appropriate reservoir and mixes your cocktail in seconds. You can choose from a variety of mixes like Gin Martini, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Old Fashioned, and many more.

Prerequisites of Bartesian Cocktail Machine

The cocktail shaker machine requires you to keep the alcohol reservoir of the machine fully equipped for it to create cocktails. It is recommended that you stock up on vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, and tequila to make your cocktail kicking. The syrup pods that you may order separately do not contain any alcohol in them, so alcohol is required while blending.

How does it work?

Make the perfect Cocktail

1.    Fill In Pods

  • If you have been operating your coffee maker, using the bartesian cocktail maker will be a smooth transition to you. The cocktail machine automatically draws the pod ingredients and alcohol depending upon your cocktail selection.
  • You just need to select strength and press mix after inserting the cocktail pod. The electric cocktail shaker even prompts the glassware that you should use to pour your drink.

2.    Strength Selection

  • It has a user-centric touch screen that lets you select the cocktail strength from a mocktail to a double cocktail. Your freshly customized cocktails will be ready in a matter of minutes.
  • To stock up the cocktail maker machine, pour in the alcohol in the pre-slotted liquor compartments. Also, fill in the water reservoir with fresh drinking water for the mix.
  • If you press on the light mix, the amount of alcohol drawn will be about 1oz and 1.5 for regular. For a strong blend, the automatic selection will be 2.5oz, which you can double. Depending upon your choice to feel hammered, you can decide the alcohol blends for the cocktail.

3.    Mocktail Mix

  • For those who enjoy mocktails, can also use the cocktail machine to blend cocktails sans alcohol and fun. The bartesian cocktail machine is a great addition to your bar and has something extra when you do not wish to pour yourself boring drinks.
  • The barcode system and pre-mixed cocktail capsules make the electric cocktail shaker a dream come alive for cocktail fans.

Design and Accessories

premium cocktails on demandIf we talk about design, the bartesian premium cocktail and margarita machine packs a technology punch and easy to maintain functions. Apart from using recyclable capsules, the efficiency of the machine is drawn from the endless mixing it can do at a stretch.

This makes it perfect for house parties when you want to look cool without the need to hire a bartender.

In addition, the cocktail shaker machine has an automatic cleaning cycle that runs post each cocktail. This makes it easy to switch from one cocktail to another without worrying about the intermixing of the ingredients.

The automatic cocktail machine is smartly equipped to make classic cocktails without ruining them. Moreover, you can pop the dishwasher safe parts in the dishwasher after the fun of bartending at home. This will effectively clean them for the next use.

You can order the cocktail mixes as per your taste in a bundle of six or eighteen. Along with this, the bartesian cocktail maker machine comes with five glass bottles to store your liquor. This makes it easy and hygienic to keep the liquor of your choice handy at your home bar. Besides, the glass bottles will make it easier to stop if you are running low on alcohol and signal you to refill it.

All about the Bartesian capsules and flavors

Bartesian Cosmopolitan, Margarita, and Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer Capsules, Pack of 18 Cocktail Capsules, for Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker (55405)
  • INCLUDES 18 COCKTAIL CAPSULES OF THREE FLAVORS. Sample an assortment of cocktails including the...
  • BRING THE COCKTAIL LOUNGE HOME. Insert a drink mixer capsule into your Bartesian cocktail machine,...

Bartesian cocktail flavoursJust like the bar drinks menu, Bartesian has outdone its competitors with a number of blending capsules for perfectly mixed cocktails. The Rum Breeze is fruity and refreshing with a strong sweet taste with the hints of strawberry and coconut.

It is perfect for getting the tropical vibes while you are sitting at home. You can act like you are on a vacation while lounging in your backyard with all these blends.

You can enjoy the warmth of Whiskey Sour with the perfect mix of vanilla and sour hints in the cocktail. If we talk about Long Is cocktail, it is potent with the cola flavor even in the regular blend setting.

Bartesian Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer CapsulesYou can also choose from the classic Margarita and Cosmopolitan with the flavor of cranberry and lime. The tarty and tangy flavors will hit your taste buds at the right spots while getting you tipsy.

On the Whiskey Sour footsteps, Paper Plane and Old Fashioned are ideal for the whiskey lovers instead of just pouring a drink on the rocks. While we do not recommend drinking early, you can indulge in Spiced Coffee when you feel tired. It has hints of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg that will spike your coffee along with some alcohol.Bartesian Rum Breeze Cocktail Mixer Capsules

For peachy and refreshing hints of flavor, you can choose from Uptown Rocks and Sazerac with peach and licorice blends. The vodka in Uptown Rocks is perfectly balanced with the sweet and tangy peach flavors.

While whiskey is quite smooth with the sweet hints of licorice in the Sazerac blend. If you love Mojito, you can give the Mint Julep a try for the minty freshness poured in your cocktail glass.

Is it worth the price?

The bartesian premium cocktail and margarita machine is priced at $350, and you may find it discounted online if it’s a part of some sale. Additionally, you have to order the cocktail pods and alcohol to keep the cocktail machine working. It is definitely worth the price considering how much you may spend on consecutive nights bar hopping.

Auto Rinse after each cocktailIf you entertain a lot and have a lot of guests over for happy hours or watch games together, then it is ideal for your home. The cocktail shaker machine can prove to be worth the investment if you find it futile to hire a bartender for parties.

Also, consider the amount spent on syrup bottles that may expire without you hitting bottom. The bottles take up a lot of space and need to be replaced if they are outdated.

You should consider bringing home the Bartisian cocktail machine if you despise the cocktail prep and cannot figure the mixing on your own. Just like your coffee, your cocktail should be balanced and well-mixed. Instead of multiple things in your shopping list to create a cocktail, you can get this complete cocktail solution for perfect drinks each time.

Furthermore, if you buy the Bartisian pods in bulk, they are compact enough to store. You don’t have to think about them expiring or any alteration in the flavor. They are densely packed with highly potent juice concentrates and syrups dates for freshness. You can store them either on your countertop or in the refrigerator. The refrigeration will make them last even longer for the endless cocktail nights.

The time and efforts saved while getting to enjoy your favorite run breeze and whiskey sour is worth every single penny for this masterpiece by the Bartesian cocktail machine. You can say goodbye to the boring and failed attempts at cocktail making when you can enjoy mixologist designed and approved.

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine 1

  • The cocktail machine is easy to use and operate.
  • Cocktails are full of flavor and well balanced.
  • A huge range of cocktail mixes available.
  • Recyclable packaging of the Bartisian capsules.
  • The long shelf life of the pre-mix Bartisian pods.
  • Transformation of a cumbersome home bar to this compact machine.
  • You may find the alcohol slots convenient.
  • There are multiple settings to get the perfect cocktail.
  • It is quick and exact in mixing all the ingredients.
  • There is an auto-clean feature while also being dishwasher safe.
  • The product is great bucks spent and even ideal for gifting purposes.
  • It is convenient to keep the drinks coming to a house party.
  • The design is elegant and classy for a bar upgrade.
  • The initial expenditure may be bothersome.
  • Some lag in the barcode reading may arise.
  • There may be a failure in capsule recognition at times.
  • You may observe occasional faults in the mixing if you are making too many blends.
  • There may be some glitch in the touch panel commands and work after a couple of times.
  • The body of the machine is prone to scratches.
  • Make sure you do not remove the screen protective cover for it to work.
  • The liquor blends cannot be adjusted manually for each setting.


You can upgrade your bar with this automatic cocktail machine and enjoy home happy hours. This advanced cocktail machine will make you get rid of all the extra and dysfunctional bar accessories cleaning up your bar to look classy for guests.

Creating your drinks will be as easy as pressing a button and then hitting to relax on the couch. The crisply made cocktails will keep you indulged while you unwind after a long day. Moreover, the cleaning and maintaining the bartesian cocktail machine is easy and convenient with its automatic rinse system.

The ingredients in the cocktail capsules have a long shelf life to last you depending upon your drinking habits. Expect your drinks to be perfectly made without any powdery clumps and unbalanced bitterness with this electric cocktail shaker.

Next time you are craving cocktails at home, you can rely on bartesian premium cocktails and margarita machines. This handy cocktail machine will mix and pour your favorite cocktail in minutes without the fuss of measuring the syrups and alcohols manually.