How Does Cocktail Shaker Work

How Does Cocktail Shaker Work?

Whatever the experience of the bartending level, you are sure to recognize the cocktail shaker. It’s a foundational piece of equipment for any bartender. What does a cocktail shaker do? Let’s see.

What is a cocktail shaker?

The cocktail shaker is a device used to mix drinks with shaking. When you put ice in the shaker before serving, it helps to cool the drink quickly. It is used to mix cocktails quickly and efficiently. It is also called bar shaker. It’s a sealed cylinder.

How does shaker work?

The basic shaking technique is very easy. First, you can fill the shaker with ice. This will cool the shaker and also the liquids.

  • Pour the ingredients into the mixing glass before adding ice.
  • Don’t overfill the shaker. Give plenty of space to move ingredients. This helps to prevent leaks when shaking.
  • Shake some drinks longer and harder. For cocktails with eggs or cream-like ingredients, shake the drinks for at least 30 seconds.
  • Let’s tell you ended up shaking when the outside of the stainless steel shakers became frosty.
  • Shake into the rhythm. Give it the power it needs to shake. Have a firm grip when you shake. Shake over one of your shoulders.