Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig, Single-Serve, Pod-Based Premium Cocktail, Spritzer & Brews Maker
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Drinkworks Home Bar Drinkmaker by Keurig

Drinkworks Home Bar Pro by Keurig, Single-Serve, Pod-Based, Premium Instant Cocktail Maker (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  • DRINKWORKS HOME BAR BY KEURIG: Easy to use single-serve premium cocktail maker prepares cocktails,...
  • BAR-QUALITY DRINKS IN UNDER A MINUTE: Drinkworks Pods contain all ingredients, including alcohol,...

Mastering preparing drinks like cocktails can be a daunting task when done at home, and this is true even for the easiest recipes. If you have tried making a cocktail, you know the kind of mess it leaves and the list of syrups involved. The ideal solution would be Bringing home, an automatic cocktail drink maker machine and without a doubt, it will be a delight for all the cocktail enthusiasts.

Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig, Single-Serve, Pod-Based Premium Cocktail, Spritzer & Brews Maker (Pods Sold Separately), Bar-quality cocktails, freshly made at the push of a button, 4 to 14oz Pours
Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig drink maker

The simple one-click cocktail maker machine is dedicated to delivering you with premium cocktails at home from a concentrated pod. You can say cheers with a fancy cocktail in your hand with the precisely made cocktails at one command from the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig. The best thing is not having to get dressed or lose your mind over lengthy cocktail recipes at home.

Drinkworks cocktail maker will give you chilled cocktails and beers from a range of flavors. Moreover, it is smart enough to suggest you serving and glass size. The machine is compact and will bring the bar straight to your kitchen. Instead of hefty bar bills, you may consider this cocktail machine. Let’s look at the main features of Drinkworks Home Bar in detail for you to make an informed decision.

Features of Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig

  • The Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig is a sophisticated cocktail drink maker machine that can deliver high-quality cocktails, beers brews, and cider just at the press of a button.Drinkworks Home Bar Drinkmaker by Keurig 1
  • It comes with a compact black and chrome finish that looks stylish sitting on your kitchen countertop or bar area.
  • You can enjoy bar-like, complicated drinks at home with the concentrated pods that turn into cocktails with precise actions inside the machine.
  • The Drinkworks cocktail maker machine dispenses water, carbonates the concoction with spirits and syrups for your cocktail glass.
  • Moreover, it comes with a smart system that can acknowledge the shortage of ingredients and prompt for a refill on the screen. You will also be notified of which glass you should pick to go with your cocktail.
  • Your drinks will be freshly made with this cocktail mixer machine using the specifically dedicated pods, carbonated bubbles, and chilled water.
  • Additionally, there is no need to add cold water to chill your cocktails. The Drinkworks Home Bar automatic cocktail machine has a quick cooling technology.
  • Drinkworks Home Bar Drinkmaker by Keurig 2The home bar comes with complimentary coasters, cleaning tablets, carbon filters, and CO2 cartridges for easy setup of the system. However, you will need to purchase the drink pods separately. The best part is that the pods have alcohol and syrup concentrated on them. So, you don’t need to fill it separately.
  • You can choose from twenty-two different kinds of cocktail pods to have various cocktail and brew options at the comfort of your home. These flavors are either done on the footsteps of mixologists, or Drinkworks Home Bar has created their own concentrated brews.
  • The setup of the home bar is easy and comes with easy to follow directions to fill up cartridges and water tank. After each cocktail, the cleaning tablets will rinse the cocktail machine system so that the next cocktail is fresh.
  • Each cocktail is made with a bartender like precision with specifically cooled temperature depending upon the pod recipe. The output is between four to six ounces varying on the type of cocktail you pick.

How to use Drinkworks Electric Cocktail Shaker or Keurig drink maker?

1.   Unboxing and Setup

  • After unboxing, insert the carbon cartridges and fill in the water reservoir. The setup is easy to follow, with clear instructions on the manual.
  • The cocktail mixer machine will take up to ten minutes to clean it and about thirty minutes to chill the water. It cools down the water around 37F to make it perfect for chilled cocktails.

2. Pods Insertion

  • Drinkworks Home Bar Drinkmaker by Keurig 3Now, select the cocktail pod that you wish to drink for the evening and insert it into the cocktail shaker machine. To make your drink even more chilled, refrigerate the pods beforehand.
  • The magical electric cocktail shaker will intuitively mix the drinks depending upon the pod instructions. All you have to do is get your chilled cocktail glass along with some garnishes.
  • To make the home bar run even smoother you can download an app to connect it with your home Wi-Fi. This will help you track if you are running out on CO2 or water in the premium cocktail shaker.
  • The Drinkworks Home Bar cocktail machine has an elegant design.
  • It has a straightforward no-mess setup that will not intimidate you.
  • The screen prompts intuitive notifications and messages for the smooth working of the cocktail maker machine.
  • You get additional CO2 cartridges for refills along with the cocktail machine.
  • The resultant output of the cocktail is of premium quality.
  • It comes with recyclable pods and a postage-paid bag for the cocktail pods.
  • The automatic cocktail machine chills the water for the cocktails.
  • Additionally, the system uses cleaning tablets to rinse after each cocktail to prevent the intermixing of ingredients.
  • You will have to wait for about half an hour for the water to chill.
  • The CO2 cartridge requires regular replacement.
  • Occasional mix up in the flavors.
  • Lack of sample pods along with the electric cocktail machine.
  • Initial set up is an investment.
  • Some cocktails are not strong and need a bit of tweaking.
  • Beer brews do not stand out much.


If you feel your cocktail making skills are not going to improve, you should consider getting this premium cocktail shaker. The Drinkworks home bar will be a pleasant upgrade for you and your family without the need to step out to the bars. You will thoroughly enjoy the cocktail experience from the huge range of flavors and sharp taste.

The cocktail maker machine will reduce the work of acquiring the syrups and keeping up with their expiration in the home bar. Moreover, the mess-free process of cocktail creation will be an additional benefit and happy hour at home. The Drinkworks cocktail drink maker machine or say Keurig drink maker will be the talk to the evening whenever you host guests, delivering them bottomless cocktails.