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Gold, Copper, and Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Sets | Choose your Favorite

A cocktail shaker set holds the potential to change the environment around your bar. Having all the bar essentials give you the opportunity to make and experiment with your drinks in whatever way you like. Using a shaker set, you can create drinks more accurately and provide them with the taste that they will get admired by all.

A complete cocktail shaker set consists of a cocktail shaker, jigger, muddler, bottle opener, corkscrew, ice bucket, and tongs. Some cocktail shaker sets even offer glasses with them in the same color context to make your drinking experience more vivid. Let us go ahead and check out some of the best cocktail shaker sets that are high class and efficient in making cocktails.

Do I really need a cocktail shaker set for my home bar?

Having a cocktail shaker set has immense value, and you will realize it once you have a cocktail shaker set of your own. The refined quality of drinks that you can produce using the best cocktail shaker set speaks with its results.

Blending the alcohol with juices and other beverages and achieving the right consistency is always a challenging task for a bartender. However, with the right pieces of equipment, it becomes extremely easy to mix the drinks in the right quantities and attain the best taste for your drinks.

Now let us go ahead and check out some of the top products of different types of cocktail shaker sets.

Gold Cocktail Shaker Set

A gold cocktail shaker set is one of the most admirable cocktail shaker sets. Thanks to their beautiful appearance. A bartender can’t ask for anything more other than a shaker that not only has great workability but can also awestruck anyone with its lustrous surface and beautiful design.

Below given is the list of the top gold cocktail set that you can buy and enhance the aesthetics of your bar.

1.  Mixology & Craft 10 Piece Golden Mixology Bartender Kit

This Mixology & Craft made gold cocktail set is one of the best cocktail sets that is highly functional and comes at an affordable price range. The ten-piece cocktail set comes with an attractive and stylish mahogany stand for keeping all the bar equipment at their place in a stylistic way. The stand also ensures the safety of the bar products by keeping them safe and scratchproof.

All the bar tools provided in the cocktail set are made from premium quality material and are corrosion-free. The golden shaker provided in the set blends the drinks perfectly and makes them delightful for the drinkers.

The heavy-duty material used in its making gives it a prolonged life span. You cannot keep away this gold cocktail shaker set away from getting noticed at your bar. So flaunt off the shaker set and have fun blending drinks for everyone in this shaker.

Mixology Bartender Kit: 10-Piece Bar Tool Set with Mahogany Stand | Perfect Home Bartending Kit and Martini Cocktail Shaker Set For a Perfect Drink Mixing Experience | Fun Housewarming Gift (Gold)

  • The manufacturer gives an extended 3-year shaker guarantee.
  • The gold cocktail shaker set has excellent finishing.
  • It has an amazing built quality.
  • The glossy design of the shaker set is elegant.
  • The bartending tools do not smoothly fit back to the shaker stand.

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2.  LESI 5-Piece Gold Cocktail Shaker Set

Throw a party for your friends and make them woozy by blending martinis, margaritas, and vodka at your mini bar using this high-quality gold cocktail set. The shaker set is ideal for blending all types of drinks and can be used by both professionals and a newbie.

This gold cocktail shaker set consists of a gold shaker, strainer, mixing spoon, jigger, and liquor pourers. All the required components that will help you to make the perfect drink for yourself and your friends are included in this shaker set.

The cocktail shaker set is made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and ensures no harmful effects from its use. Every equipment in the shaker set is rust-proof, anti-fouling, and waterproof. The shaker set is extremely easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

This black and gold combination of the shaker set has a magnificent look, and every instrument included in this set is designed for producing the best results.

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  • The cocktail set has a beautiful black and gold design.
  • The shaker set is ideal for using at home bars.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • A double-sided jigger is available in the set.
  • Corkscrew or bottle opener is not available.
  • The built quality of the shaker set is average.

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3.  Parijat Handicraft All in One Gold Cocktail Shaker Set

This Parijat Handicraft made gold cocktail set provides an excellent opportunity to make drinks for your friends with perfection. The bar set comprises a wine bucket, ice tong, ice bucket, peg measure, wine cooler, and a highly efficient cocktail shaker. The shaker set is built with high-class material that makes it extremely sturdy and durable.

The gold cocktail shaker set is washable and is ideal for training the beginner level bartenders. The gold coated surface of the shaker set provides it an elegant appearance that can raise the beauty level of any bar.

The cocktail shaker has a good capacity to hold a high level of drinks inside it and serve to all. This fantastic gold cocktail set is recommended for people who are new bartenders and are setting up their home bar for the first time.

Stainless Steel Golden colouRed Colored All in One Bar Set, Bar Tools, Bar Accesories Set of 6 Pieces include Ice Bucket with Tong, Cocktail Shaker, Jigger, Champagne Bucket and Wine Cooler

  • The drink holding capacity of the shaker is high.
  • Ice holding and wine buckets are available.
  • The gold color coating on the cocktail set gives a royal feel.
  • All the accessories of a complete cocktail set aren’t available.
  • The price of the set is high as compared to the other sets.

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4.  Boston Bar Bartender Gold Cocktail Shaker Set

Take the pleasure of making delicious and flavourful drinks in this exquisite gold cocktail set that is available at a very reasonable price. This long-lasting Boston bartender set is built with a 304 stainless steel alloy that makes it ultra-durable.

The Lym made gold cocktail set is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with ease. The shaker set consists of a shaker, wine filter, bar spoon, filter, crushed popsicle, and a measuring cup. All these accessories are built with high-quality steel and ensure effective workability.

The cocktail shaker set is decorative and goes with all types of bar decors. The cocktail shaker can be used for personal use or as a gift to a friend. The cocktail shaker provided in the set is excellent for showcasing bartending skills and earning everybody’s attention.

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  • The shaker set has an affordable price.
  • The Boston shaker available in the set is highly efficient.
  • The bar spoon available in the set works extremely well.
  • Complete shaker set accessories are not available.

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Copper Cocktail Shaker Sets

If you want something that does not lose its shine and elegance over time, go for the copper cocktail shaker sets. These beauties are well-structured and have higher durability than the gold shakers.

Mostly because copper is inherently strong, and they are resistant to rust. More importantly, copper sets are easy to clean and maintain. All in all, you won’t find a lot of complaints about copper cocktail sets.

Here are some good product recommendations for copper shaker sets.

1.  Copper Parisian Cocktail Mixology

When the need of the hour is to impress your date with a custom made cocktail, this 11-piece copper best cocktail shaker set will become your best companion. Even though the drink may not be that good, the shaker set will certainly impress her.

The 11 piece set contains almost everything that you need to make an amazing martini. The best part is that every single piece of this set has a dedicated place on the bamboo’s frame base.

From bar spoons to shakers, ice clips, wine stoppers, brush, tune spoon, seahorse knife, skid net, measuring cup, breaking popsicle, every single piece shines better than gold.

The cobbler shakers have a mixing capacity of 19 ounces allowing you to mix perfectly stirred and shaken cocktails. Since you are working with a copper shaker, the drink will also chill faster.

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  • A reliable shaker stand makes for easy storage
  • The shakers have a higher capacity of 550 ML
  • An ideal set to prepare delicious cocktails, drinks, and coffee.
  • The price is relatively higher, but it also brings that much value.

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2.  ZKZK Copper Plated Cocktail Shaker Set

Sitting and enjoying your drink at a bar is fun. You can bring this enjoyment to your home every day with this fantastic, beautifully designed ZKZK Copper Plated Cocktail Shaker Set. The beautiful appearance of the copper cocktail shaker set is alone enough to dazzle all your friends.

This elegant and attractive cocktail shaker set is built from high-grade stainless steel and has a copper coating over it for giving a perfect look to the set. The mirror finish of the set shines through your eyes and provides an ultimate class to your bar.

All the bartending tools of the shaker set are made to last and ensure no rusting with time. This fancy and classy copper cocktail set is a seven-piece set that includes a cocktail shaker jigger, strainer, mixing spoon, ice popsicle, and measure. The highly functional cocktail set has a reasonable price and is worth checking out.

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  • The shaker set has beautiful aesthetics.
  • The shaker ensures a spill-free experience.
  • All the necessary drink-making accessories are available.
  • The price is affordable.
  • The accessory stand is not available.
  • Ice bucket not available.

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3.  Be&xn 4-Piece Bartender Mixology Copper Cocktail Set

This Be&xn built 4-Piece Bartender Mixology Copper Cocktail Set offers a premium feel of making the drinks with ease and perfection. The shaker set includes a 17 Oz cocktail shaker, a double sided jigger, a strainer, and a bar spoon. The cocktail shaker delightfully blends the drinks and produces mouth-watering drinks for you and your friends.

This cocktail shaker is ideal for everyday use at a home bar. The material used in its making is of supreme quality that adds up to its long-lasting life. It is extremely easy to clean and is also dishwasher safe. This copper cocktail shaker set has anti-rustic properties and will not lose its shining appearance with time.

It comprises a double-side jigger that lets you measure the drinks more accurately and gives you the power to blend and experiments with the drinks. This copper cocktail set comes with 90 days manufacturing warranty and is definitely a product worth considering for your bar.

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  • The shaker has a good volume.
  • The copper shaker keeps the drinks colder for a longer time.
  • Both professionals and home users can use it.
  • Only four pieces of tools are available, and other bar accessories are missing.
  • The build quality of the shaker set is moderate.

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4.  BARILLIO Copper 23-Piece Bartender Kit Cocktail Shaker Set

This classy and elegant copper cocktail shaker set is a complete delight for the people who love to bartend. This all in one 23 piece cocktail set is designed sophisticatedly keeping in mind all the requirements of a bartender. The swag of the bartender gets doubled with this premium shaker set that attracts the attention of everybody.

The shaker set includes 24 Oz-rose cocktail shakers, mixing spoon, mojito muddler, jigger, corkscrew, Hawthorne strainer, three liquor pourers with two brushes and six caps, bottle stoppers and ice tongs.

What more can one ask from a shaker set? This complete set of accessories will make you the king of your bar that can fulfill the drinking wish of your every friend. If that wasn’t enough to delight you, let us take this offer to the next level.

This copper cocktail shaker set also offers a bamboo-made, sleek bar stand to keep these tools safe and secured and a velvet pouch containing a recipe book for you to create fantastic drinks.

Copper 23-Piece Bartender Kit Cocktail Shaker Set by BARILLIO: Stainless Steel Rose Gold Bar Tools with Sleek Bamboo Stand, Velvet Carry Bag & Recipes Booklet

  • All kinds of bar accessories are available.
  • The kit has a reasonable price according to the tools offered.
  • The cocktail shaker is big and works effortlessly.
  • The design is elegant.
  • The wooden stand is cheaply made and cannot hold tools efficiently.
  • The quality of construction is low.

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Stainless Steel Cocktail Sets

Stainless steel cocktail shakers sets are the most used cocktail sets because of their sturdy structure and availability of a wide number of beautiful designs. The SS-made shakers can maintain the drink’s temperature and can be used to keep the drinks chilled for a prolonged period of time.

The most common reason for people to buy stainless steel made shakers is their high durability and easy handling. Especially if you are new to bartending, the steel made sets are the perfect choice for mastering your bartending skill.

1.  21pcs Stainless Steel Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

Do you love bartending? If yes, then get ready to fall in love with this 21pcs Stainless Steel Boston Cocktail Shaker Set that is designed by the professional and includes every little tool for your bartending needs.

The Boston cocktail shaker available in the shaker set has a high volume and can hold the party all by itself. All the available bar tools in this shaker set are functional and carry a smart personality of their own. This shaker set is built to last and has a scratch-free surface so that it can hold its appearance even after a long time.

The shaker set includes a wooden stand that will help you to keep the accessories in their place and have a safe usage. The N/X made stainless steel cocktail set has very low maintenance, and after a hard-drinking night, the only thing you need to do is place the set in a dishwasher, and it will come out clean as new.

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  • All necessary bar tools are available.
  • The build quality is excellent.
  • The Boston shaker works exceptionally well.
  • The shaker is leak-proof.
  • The price is a little high.
  • The quality of the stand is average.

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2.   SOOTOP 13 Piece Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set 

This SOOTOP built 13 Piece Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set is ideal for people who are exploring their bartending skills and need a shaker set that has good workability, is aesthetically good, and has an affordable price.

This complete stainless steel cocktail shaker set is designed with high-quality stainless steel that provides exceptional strength and ability to sustain any falls without getting dented or damaged.

The complete set comprises a cocktail shaker, quick opener, jig machine, waiter bottle opener, long spoon filter, and four black bottle shakers. This makes it suitable for professional and non-professional use. This easy to use shaker set is worth every penny spent and should be definitely checked out.

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  • The built quality is excellent.
  • The shaker set is anti-rustic.
  • It is suitable for the use of newbies.
  • All bar tools in the set are made to last.
  • Ice buckets aren’t available.
  • The large size of the shaker makes it difficult to showcase skills.

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3.  W7 Stainless Steel Cocktail Set

Bartending becomes easy and fun when you use this premium quality made cocktail shaker set to make drinks for you and your friends. The complete set includes nine pieces of heavy-duty bartending tools that will empower you to blend the drinks with high accuracy and fantastic results.

The Cobbler shaker available in this cocktail set has a good liquid holding capacity of over 17 Oz. It is efficient in making magic-filled delicious beverages that you can enjoy and keep drinking all night long.

The shaker is 100% leak-proof and will ensure that there is no spillage of drinks in the mixing process. This rust-proof and super sturdy shaker has a shiny surface and will look beautiful in all kinds of bar decors.

W7 Cocktail Shaker, 9 Pcs Professional Cocktail Maker Set, Stainless Steel, Smooth Bracket, Heavy Duty Rust and Scratch Resistant, Easy Placement

  • The shaker is highly functional.
  • The length of the bar spoon is higher than usual.
  • It does not spill drinks.
  • The shaker has an in-built strainer.
  • Ice tong lacks strength and is fragile.
  • The shaker is extremely heavy which makes the handling tough.

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4.  Shaker’s Three-stage Snow Shaker Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set

This Shaker made stainless steel cocktail shaker set is one of the cocktail shakers of its range. It offers multiple tools in the set that are all made with durable steel and work exceptionally well.

The shaker set includes a Boston style cocktail shaker of 17 Oz, a cup trumpet, ice clips and measuring cup, bar spoon, ice filter, four straws, and two wine mouths. The steel made straw is multifunctional and can be used for stirring or drinking.

You can make all kinds of alcoholic drinks using the tools provided in the kit with better accuracy and enhanced taste. This shaker set is suitable for home and professional use.

No products found.

  • This stainless steel cocktail shaker set is built with good quality steel.
  • The size of the shaker is large.
  • It is value for money.
  • The wooden stand that comes together has average quality.
  • The ice bucket isn’t available in the set.

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Which is the Best Shaker Set?

The answer to this question is variable and depends upon the needs and spending limits of the buyer. Every shaker type has its unique properties, pros, and cons. For people who have just started as a bartender and have no professional experience, it is wiser to pick a sturdy shaker, which is usually the stainless steel made shakers.

People who know the right handling of the different tools of the shaker set can go for better aesthetics that copper and gold made shakers give. However, if you have a good budget, then considering both beauty and efficiency seems a viable option.


Picking the best cocktail shaker set becomes easier once you have set the priorities in your mind from your budget to bartending needs. We have listed all kinds of cocktail shakers from the sturdiest ones to the most beautiful ones. Now all you need to do is consider the main purpose that you need the shaker, your shaker usage, and, most importantly, the budget, and then decide for yourself the best option to select. Good Luck!