Is it possible to make shaken cocktails without bar equipment handy

Is it possible to make shaken cocktails without bar equipment handy?

The party problem:

Shake things up with fancy cocktails at your next party. But, you don’t have a cocktail shaker. Or you’re not in a hurry to run out and buy one. What will you do then?

The party trick:

Use a mason jar instead. It’s true. A mason jar is best for mixing all of the cocktail ingredients, like a real Boston shaker. Fill the jar with ice and your favorite ingredients like herbs, juices, and others. Then shake well. Tasty cocktails are ready now.

Here’s a way to fake at least one part of the drink-making process. The coffee mug works as a substitute for cocktail shakes, shaking for martinis, Manhattans and more. Screw the lid tightly with all the ingredients in the mug with a little ice. Then put your finger on the zipper spout and start shaking. Now you get ready to pour. Using a spout, pour the liquid out and keep the ice in.

Use two cups, one with a slightly smaller mouth than the other. In a large cup, add the ingredients you need and place the small cup firmly in the mouth of the large cup. In fact, it is similar to a modern cocktail shaker.

Tip: When using a DIY shaker, shake your drinks for about 10 to 15 seconds for the maximum chill.