Cocktail Shaker Reviews

Copper Cocktail Shaker

Copper Cocktail Shaker for Households and Professional Bartenders

Cocktail shakers solve the wonderful purpose of integrating all the ingredients of the drinks and creating a new blend of flavor. The magnificent taste they provide to the drink truly makes the cocktail more special and delightful.

Although they are available in several types and materials we can always have a debate on which is the best material for creating cocktail shakers.

However, the copper cocktail shaker has made its unique position in the market. The shining and lustrous appearance that it exhibits with various other taste benefits is a justifiable reason for its rising popularity in the market.

Moreover, the copper cocktail shaker is stronger as opposed to the gold and stainless steel shakers. This gives it an additional advantage for becoming a favorite of the bartenders and alcohol lovers.

Is Copper Stronger than Gold? Or even more Beautiful?

One of the reasons why copper cocktail shakers are preferred over the other shakers is its robust structure. Copper can be easily combined with other metals to form extremely sturdy alloys.

Unlike stainless steel and gold cocktail shakers, copper shakers have better strength and capacity to hold their form. Other shakers get easily dented on falling, but copper shakers fully maintain their shape on falling. Also, the anti-corrosive properties of the copper make it a better choice for cocktail shakers.

Another reason why choosing a copper cocktail shaker is a good idea is because of its glossy appearance. It has an eye-appealing look and looks fantastic sitting on your mini bar at home or even in a public bar.

Does Copper enhance the taste of the Cocktail?

Copper has been used since ancient times for storing water and other liquids. Copper, being metal, has the ability to cool the liquids more quickly.

Also, copper’s chemical composition is such that it can enhance other substance’s molecular properties. Hence, when it gets in touch with any form of liquid, it makes it more conducive to the human system and overall improves the taste.

Copper Cocktail Shakers that will leave you Awestruck

Check out the below-given list of the best copper cocktail shakers that are worth purchasing to show off your bartending skills.

1. Elyx Boutique Copper Gnome Cocktail Shaker

Be ready to change the centerpiece of your bar as this copper built Gnome shaker is a perfect fit for your bar. This fantastically designed copper cocktail shaker has been built with craftsmanship and is given a quality finishing and style that appeals to every eye that sees it.

This shaker is built using the copper-plated zinc that is approved by the FDA and is safe for handling food items.

Apart from its brilliant looks, the shaker works exceptionally well in mixing the drinks and provides you with a quality taste. The shaker has a 30 days return warranty given by the manufacturer. Overall it is a great product worthy of its price and style.

Elyx Boutique Copper Gnome Cocktail Shaker Gift Box | 7.44 oz | Perfect Gift | Multiple Uses | Cherish Style and Originality

  • It has an elegant design.

  • The shakes cool the drinks pretty quickly.

  • It has good strength.

  • The capacity to hold drinks is quite low.

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2. Be&xn Bartender Boston Cocktail Shaker

This excellent glossy looking copper cocktail shaker is one of the finest shakers of its range. It offers good capacity and amazing functionality for blending all your drinks perfectly well with each other. It is made from professional grade 304 SS and has a copper coating over its surface that provides it a shining appearance.

This shaker has a wide surface area that makes it extremely easy to clean. The shaker holds good strength and has awesome durability. It is also rust-free and will never give you a complaint of corrosion. It can be used for making all kinds of drinks from cosmopolitans to margaritas to long island iced tea with the best results.

Be&xn Bartender Boston Cocktail Shaker Set, Copper Coated Shaker 24oz & 17oz Cocktail Shaker 304 Stainless Steel Bar Shaker Set Heavy Weighted Shaker tins-Rose Gold

  • The shaker has a good holding capacity.

  • The mirror finish of the shaker looks classy.

  • It has amazing workability and never spills out drinks.

  • It is a little tough to handle, especially for people with small hands.

  • The shaker has a heavyweight, which makes it tiring for use.

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3. Viski Summit-Copper Heavyweight Cocktail Shaker

This Visiki made goblet-shaped cocktail shaker is ideal for people looking for a comfortable and spacious shaker for themselves. This lustrous copper-plated shaker is exclusively designed by the professionals. The copper cocktail shaker can accommodate a capacity of 500 ml of drink in itself. The shaker’s large surface area offers plenty of room for blending the drinks well with each other.

It is built with 1.35 mm-thick walls that provide it an amazing strength. So in case it gets dropped from your hands, you don’t have to worry about it breakage. It is also available in four different color variants. This cocktail shaker will surely bring out the best of your bartending skills.

Viski Copper Heavyweight Cocktail Shaker Set, Stainless Steel Shaker With Strainer 16.5oz Set of 1

  • The shaker is sturdy.

  • It can handle almost half-liter liquid comfortably.

  • The quality of the shaker is excellent.

  • A built-in strainer is available.

  • The handling is not very smooth.

  • The top part of the shaker is not very secure.

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4. Tom Dixon Men’s Plum Cocktail Shaker

If you are a bartender who loves to have fun with your job and likes to show off your cocktail bartending skills, then this is the ideal product for you. The stylish pipe designed copper cocktail shaker has a glossy finishing that raises the class of your bar. It gets its fabulous looks from the world-famous designer Tom Dixon who has left no stone unturned in making it the perfect item for your bar.

The shaker has tapered ends that provides an excellent grip to the user and also helps in balancing the shaker right. The shaker can mix all kinds of drinks in it, but mixing martini is its specialty.

Tom Dixon Plum Cocktail Shaker, Copper, Metallic, One Size

  • The shaker is spill-proof.

  • The design is unique and stylish.

  • .It has great gripping.

  • The price is high.

  • The holding capacity is low.

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5. Old Dutch 1521 Stone Hammered Copper Cocktail Shaker

Are you a fan of old classic cowboy Hollywood movies? If so, then this hammered copper cocktail shaker set will appeal to you the most. It has a sturdy construction of solid copper and is designed with a premium finish. Unlike the new and compact shakers, this old school shaker is enough to scare off people with its humongous size.

It has a large capacity of 30 Oz to store the drinks inside. The cocktail shaker has a protective lacquered finish that prevents it from tarnishing. The magnificent stone- hammered finish of the shaker goes with other copper and bronze made cups in your bar. This highly efficient and traditional style cocktail shaker is worth checking out.

Old Dutch Stone Hammered Solid Copper Cocktail, 30 Oz Shaker

  • It has an extra-large capacity to hold drinks.

  • The stone hammered design looks beautiful.

  • The shaker is sturdy.

  • The shaker spills drinks while shaking.

  • The large size of the shaker makes it hard to handle.

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6. W&P MAS-PINEC-18 Pineapple Cocktail Shaker

Enjoying drinks with your friends in a bar is one of the best pleasurable moments in everybody’s life. Only if you get to see everything around you perfect, the fun of drinking becomes even more exciting. That’s why W&P has built this amazing pineapple-shaped copper cocktail shaker that leaves everybody awestruck with its fine and stylish design.

It is a three-piece premium quality shaker that has a vast capacity to hold 18Oz of your drink. Even though this product is stainless steel built, it still gives the amazing shine and aesthetics of a copper made shaker. The shaker works extremely well in blending drinks. It is available in multiple color variants.

W&P Pineapple Cocktail Shaker | Copper, 18 Ounce | Craft Cocktail Mixer, Mid Century Modern Designer Bar Accessories, Stainless Steel, Bar Tool

  • The shaker is large enough to hold drinks in large quantities.

  • It has an elegant design.

  • The price of the shaker is affordable.

  • The built quality is excellent.

  • The top part of the shaker is very lightweight.

  • Metal contraction can happen while using ice-cold drinks.

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7. A Bar Above Copper Boston Shaker Set

People looking for a  premium class copper cocktail shaker that is highly efficient can stop their search. This two-piece Copper Boston Shaker Set is a beautiful shaker that is exceptionally sturdy and comes at a reasonable price. It is designed with a professional grade 304 SS with a magnificent copper mirror finish.

The copper shaker is ideal for everyday use, and unlike other shakers, it does not warp with age. The shaker is extremely efficient in doing its job and does not even spill a drop of your drink outside its surface. So have the pleasure of making margaritas, mojitos, and daiquiris in this beautiful shaker and enjoy your drink to the fullest.

A Bar Above Gold Cocktail Shaker Set – 2-Piece Weighted & Unweighted Boston Shaker Set – Gold-Finished Bartending Kit – Stainless Steel 304 Martini Shaker Set – Bar Accessories for the Home Bar Set

  • The shaker is built with a heavy-duty material.

  • It works exceptionally well.

  • The shaker has a good volume.

  • It has strong watertight steel.

  • Showing bartender skills on this shaker can be tough for small-handed people.

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8. Twine 4072 Hammered Copper Cocktail Shaker

A Hammered copper cocktail shaker has a unique presence about itself. Its style and classic design speak for itself and you would agree, there is certain happiness about making your drink in it. This Twine built hammered copper cocktail shaker is crafted with supreme craftsmanship and has exceptional strength.

The shaker comes with a built-in strainer so that you get an ice-cold drink without the pouring in the ice cubes in the glass. The detachable lid perfectly fits the shakes and ensures a spill-free drink blending experience. The quality material of the shaker keeps it free from rust or corrosion.

Twine Hammered Copper Cocktail Shaker, Stainless Steel Cobbler Shaker With Strainer, Copper Plated, 25 Ounces, Set of 1

  • The price is reasonable.

  • The quality of the shaker is good.

  • It is anti-corrosive.

  • The top part always gets stuck in the bottom.

  • The copper coat is only available on the outside.

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9. Oggi Copper Plated Dial A Drink Cocktail Shaker

Become a professional bartender and blend all the drinks with perfection with this Oggi copper-plated cocktail shaker. The shaker is engraved with a total of fifteen cocktail recipes such as martini, vodka, malibu bay breeze, gimlet, mai tai, etc. It offers you the comfort of mixing the drinks in perfect quantities so that you can enjoy the best taste of the drinks at your home.

The built-in strainer keeps the ice and fruit pulp away from your drink. This high-quality copper cocktail shaker includes a SS inner shaker, copper made recipe dialer and lid, and a shaker top.

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  • The recipe dialer lets you enjoy the perfect mixing of drinks.

  • The shaker has excellent strength.

  • It is completely spill-free.

  • It has a good holding capacity of 34 OZ.

  • The finishing of the shaker is average.

  • It is not dishwasher safe.

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10. Barfly Cocktail Shaker, 24oz (700 ml), Copper

Mixing your favourite drinks in this copper coated cocktail shaker is a fun experience. The copper cocktail shaker has a compact size and fits right into your hands to do the bartender drinks and mix your drinks efficiently. It has a holding capacity of 24 Oz and is suitable for personal and professional use. Unlike most other shakers, it is dishwasher safe and extremely easy to clean. It will provide you with mind-blowing results every single time you will make a drink in it. So bring in your party gang and amaze everyone with this cute little cocktail shaker.

Barfly Cocktail Shaker, 24oz (700 ml), Copper

  • It is easy to clean.

  • The handling capability of the shaker is amazing.

  • It is suitable for home and professional use.

  • The shaker has a low volume.

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Do I also need to buy the cocktail shaker set with it?

A complete copper cocktail shaker set consists of shaker, spoon, jigger, strainer, thimble measure, and all other useful bar accessories.

Although it is not compulsory for you to buy a complete shaker set, having one is undoubtedly a much better choice. The price difference between a single shaker and a set is not that large.

So for a little more bucks, you can get a complete shaker set and widen the range of your bar experiments. However, if you don’t feel the necessity to buy a complete set, a shaker alone is efficient enough to handle all your drinks.


Are you still thinking about getting yourself a shaker or not? Let me tell you, if you are an alcohol lover, buying a shaker will be worth every penny for you. The quality and the taste that a shaker provides to every drink mixed in it is truly incredible.

Moreover, if it is a copper cocktail shaker, then the benefits double fold with even better taste and quick cooling experience. So do not keep thinking and select the one that appeals to you the most.