How To Remove A Stuck Lid On A Cocktail Shaker

How To Remove A Stuck Lid On A Cocktail Shaker?

Is the cocktail shaker in your kitchen difficult to open? There are many reasons for this. The lids of the shaker can sometimes become stuck together because of the sugar in some drinks and the contraction. There are two types of cocktail shakers; one – cobbler shaker; the other – boston shaker.

But if you’re having trouble, follow this simple step by step guide below to help you use your cocktail shaker.

For a cobbler shaker

Pour all of the ingredients into the shaker’s body and shake. After serving the beverage, place the empty shaker in the freezer. Shaker stays there for five minutes, allowing the condensation to start to form on the outside. The lid exists very easily. Otherwise, the shaker can be opened by pouring hot water over the lid.

For a Boston cocktail shaker

After shaking up your ingredients, leave the shaker on the work surface, glass side down. If not tight, the two tumblers will separate. If not, hold the metal part of the shaker tightly and rap the metal tumbler with the heel of your free hand near the rim of the glass. Doing so will separate the two parts.

We hope these tips will help you.